Vegan Squash Burger

Hi guys! Hope you're all doing perfect. I still don't go out so I've been cooking and baking a lot these days. I should exercise more though. I love rice so I don't really lose too much weight. But that's okay with me as long as I look fine then I'm good with that. 😃

Some of my Facebook friends messaged me and asked for the recipe of my Squash Burger. So here it is...

Grate squash then set aside. Prepare garlic, onions, tomatoes, red bell pepper, ginger and spring onions.

Ginger is optional... But I love ginger so most of the time I include it.

Mix everything in a bowl.

Add all-purpose flour, salt and pepper.

Fry in vegetable oil.

You can serve this with rice. It's also good with a burger bun with a slice of tomato and a few lettuce, white onion rings with vegan mayonnaise and ketchup. 


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