Vegan Fried Chicken Made With Jackfruit

We finally perfected months ago our Vegan Chicken recipe using jackfruit or langka here in the Philippines. I love langka! 

I remember during my childhood days at our old old house in the province, we had a big langka tree outside our kitchen door. It's so cool having a langka tree at home. I remember I always looked at it and saw the giant fruit about to get harvested and eaten.

So tonight, I just found the time to write the recipe here. 

Slice and quick boil the langka. Don't over boil it because it will become too soft.


In a bowl, mix All Purpose Flour (just estimate),  Crispy Fry original, Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Pepper. Set aside.

In another bowl, mix your soy milk (I use Vitasoy Milky) with a little vinegar (I use Silver Swan) then set aside.

Dip the langka first in the soy milk and vinegar mixture, dip it in the flour mixture, dip again at the soy milk and vinegar mixture then, dip again in the flour mixture, lastly, dip in soy milk and vinegar mixture. Then fry them using vegetable oil.

So crispy!

I used Pinakurat sauce...

We made too much today. Hehe

Look at the inside...

This is my favorite sauce for this. Mix soy sauce, calamansi and sili.

 If you're vegetarian, you can try patis and calamansi together. I used to eat my favorite KFC Fried Chicken with patis and calamansi as the sauce with white rice. 

Enjoy guys! =)


  1. I’m looking forward to trying this! Before I was vegan, fried chicken was my go-to unhealthy pleasure


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