About Me

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I am Michelle Francisco. My friends call me M, Mich or Chelle. 

I'm a wife to Elmer and mother to Dominic. I am a homemaker.

I'm VEGAN... 

I love to cook and bake. I love my Hurom juicer! Fresh fruit juices are the best! I love fresh orange juice and fresh pineapple juice.

I love everything related to homemaking. Believe it or not, I can clean, do laundry, wash the dishes and so on. I love my home! I can stay home for weeks.

I love to travel - see new places, eat good food, capture beautiful photos, happy memories, laugh and go shopping.

Beverly Hills is my happy place.

I love Netflix! I enjoy watching movies and all kinds of tv series...

I'm a believer of self-love because I believe you cannot give something you do not have. You cannot give love if you do not love yourself.

I believe that the most important thing in life is to be happy. So, if it doesn't make you happy or if it ain't fun, don't do it. It's not being selfish. For me, it's self-love.

I always choose to focus on the positives in my life... in good times and most especially in bad times. Everything happens for a good reason.

I don't judge other people. I respect them for who they are. 

I'm a very simple person but I dream big (Elmer laughs when I say this). Well, everything is relative.

I love it when some people think I'm different. Why? Because normal is boring. Different is great!

I'm so focused now with my dreams or, as what Elmer says, he is building his empire. So, I don't have time for negativity, pettiness and non-believers. I came to a point in my life where I cut people off in an instant when they start being one. 

I'm a Leo. I'm a Lion, ...not a Lioness. Elmer calls me, Leo the leader. 

I'm OC. I'm a perfectionist and efficient. I believe in a good system in everything (country, home, life and so on). But, I also learned not to let idiots ruin my day. I'm good at making my point.

I'm a visionary. Elmer calls me Nostradamus sometimes.

My dream is to have a foundation/charity focused on children in poor barangays to teach them early in life on how to use the law of attraction and how to be positive no matter what situation they're in. The lack of love is the root cause of why kids turn to drugs and violence. So, when you make them understand that no matter what situation they are in, be it broken families, hard life or whatever, they must choose to be better persons to have better lives instead of self-destructing. Then, they'll grow up to become happier human beings. So, I believe it can solve a lot of crimes, drug problems and negativity in the world. 

I believe that if the people of the world would focus more on positivity instead of focusing on the negativity, then the world will be a better place. 

There's so much more to share but I have to save some for my upcoming posts. 

So, my dear friends, welcome to my new website! The old one got deleted because I got busy and had no time to update it. On the bright side, I can start all over again. I missed writing and sharing my thoughts to you all. I'll be writing about my travels, recipes, beauty tips, fashion, favorite quotes, movies, events, politics, home keeping and all.

To all the lovers and the haters, may God bless you all! Good vibes only! =)

Love always,



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