Vegan Fried Cauliflower Wings With Vegan Mayo Dip

It was Dominic's idea to make this for lunch yesterday. We tried it using our Vegan Langka Fried Chicken recipe. We loved it! Soooo much better!

In a bowl, mix All Purpose Flour (just estimate),  Crispy Fry original, Himalayan Pink Salt and Black Pepper. Set aside.

In another bowl, mix your soy milk with a little vinegar (I use Silver Swan) then set aside.

Please don't mind the Paprika in the photo. I tried seasoning the last few batches with it but I prefer it without the Paprika.

Dip the cauliflower first in the soy milk and vinegar mixture, dip it in the flour mixture, dip again at the soy milk and vinegar mixture then, dip again in the flour mixture, lastly, dip in soy milk and vinegar mixture. Then fry them using vegetable oil.

For the dip, I used a Vegan Mayo. Add tomato ketchup. Mix well.

Enjoy! =)


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