Father's Day Vegan Pasta Recipe

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in the Universe! =) 

Cooked lunch today. I had fresh Spinach available at home that has just been delivered so I decided to make a Vegan pasta. I just imagined what I was craving for and what was available in my pantry. So happy with the result! Pasta was really good. We all loved it! Here's the recipe below.


Olive oil
Spaghetti (cook with boiling water with a little oil and salt)
Vegan Longganisa (I used The Good Choices)
Pasta broth (do not throw the pasta broth)

In a pan, cook your Vegan Longganisa and set aside. 


In the same pan, add more olive oil. Sauté lots of garlic.

Add your pasta. Mix well. Add spinach and mix well. Add a little pasta broth. Add olives and capers. Season with salt and pepper.

Add your cooked longganisa.

Tastes really good!

I love this Chili for my pasta!

Happy Father's Day to the best Dada! =)

Elmer and Dominic making fresh Dalandan juice...


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