Vegan Pancit Canton and Vegan Fried "Chicken" Recipes

Hi guys! I missed my kitchen here in CDO so I decided stay in the kitchen and cook something new today. So, I posted a question at this group, Manila Vegans, asking for some Vegan Fried Chicken recipes. Two shared their recipes to me. I tried them both this afternoon and both were good.  I'll also share to you my super easy Pancit Canton recipe. It's so simple to cook and very affordable.

I used Jackfruit as Chicken substitute. It tastes even better.

I buy at the market because it's always fresh. It's Php24 per kilo. 

I buy my vegetables for the Pancit Canton also at the market beside the girl who sells the noodles because it will save me from a lot of time if I'll chop them at home. It's only Php40 per kilo.

Always prepare all of your ingredients before you start cooking. Wash the noodles properly with water then drain. Prepare garlic, onions, red bell pepper and spring onions.
In a pan, heat olive oil. Sauté garlic and onions. Add noodles. Mix well. Season with soy sauce (I use Silver Swan) then mix well again. Season with black pepper. You can add a little water only if you want so it won't stick to the pan. Add red bell pepper. Add vegetables. When vegetables are already cooked, add spring onions last. Do a taste test so you will know if you need to add more soy sauce. 

These two... Must haves! Hehe

I buy the langka at the market for only Php20 per kilo.

Boil the Jackfruit (Langka) just super fast. You don't want it too soft or mushy. It should still be hard. Drain. Coat with Crispy Fry... Deep fry in Vegetable oil.

So, this is the one with the Crispy Fry coating. Yummy but I want it with more breading so the inside of the jackfruit won’t show.

For the other Chicken recipe, she told me to use Almond Milk but I only have Soy Milk in the kitchen so I used this instead. In a bowl, mix soy milk with a little vinegar. In another bowl, mix, all purpose flour, Himalayan pink salt and black pepper. Coat the jackfruit with APF mix then dip into the soy milk then coat it again with the APF mixture. Deep fry in vegetable oil. 

This one is more coated and it looks better maybe because of the soy milk dip. So next time, since I like the taste of the one with the Crispy Fry, I will use the soy milk and vinegar dip together with the Crispy Fry so it will be more coated and the inside will not show.

Look at the inside...

Elmer took this photo of me... 



I love this spot in my garden. Relaxing and picture taking after cooking... Haha


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