New York City

I love New York City! It's not called the city that never sleeps for no reason. This was Dominic's first time to visit New York so it was special for us. We stayed at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Central Park. The location is perfect! We visited so many places...

Hotel room.. Classic rooms!

Walking around Central Park

Ice Cream Truck photo op

Hello Steve Jobs... Thank you for creating the iPhone! Genius!

Famous hotdogs... Non vegan days.

Central Park Zoo

Happy Place =)

The famous Magnolia Bakery

Best Cupcakes


Iron Man pose

Room service is a must!


It was summer! Hello heat wave! 

The famous Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3

Time to see the Penguins

Dinner at Nobu.. Japanese food!

Harry Cipriani at 5th Avenue... It's a famous restaurant. Good thing the hotel concierge was able to get a reservation for us.

Bellini was good!

The chocolate cake was heavenly...

Family Love

If I had just known that someone would sketch me ...I could have fixed myself and removed my funny old glasses. Hahaha! It was on June 14, 2008 at New York City's La Guardia Airport when I was feeling not so great because of flight delays and as what I've told you, I don't feel great at airports. I was wearing my black leggings and a big shirt.
So, I was sitting at the waiting area reading US Weekly with my handbag on my shoulder. And, my funny looking old glasses. Hahaha! Elmer and Dom were just in front of me. Elmer, if I can remember, reading. And Dom, playing his PSP.

I had NO idea really that all the while, someone was sketching us. Funny, isn't? No idea, really.

Then, when we got on the plane. The rain was pouring hard so we had to wait for it to slow down. An hour of doing nothing inside the plane, waiting is kinda boring. So, I looked at the people in my surroundings and I saw this girl, she was holding a sketch pad and a pencil. I looked at her sketch pad, then looked back at Elmer then looked back at the girl and realized, "Was that me in her sketch pad?" Hahaha! It looked liked "us" in her sketch. With my low voice, I told Elmer to take a look at it and see if it's really us. He was laughing. It's really us!

You know me, I have this talent of saying what I want. So, I asked the girl and said, "Hi! Is that US in that sketch?" Then she replied nicely, "Yes, you like it?" (or something like that) Hehe! Funny thing was, she was just sitting across the aisle from me. It was meant for me to see what she made. If we were not seated near each other, I wouldn't have known that someone sketched us.

I introduced myself, Elmer and Dominic. Her name is Julie and she was with her husband. Dominic is also good in drawing so he showed Julie his talent by drawing some tanks and soldiers. He's into soldiers, guns, tanks and swords now. We were off to LA with a connecting flight via Minneapolis. She asked me if I wanted it emailed to me. So, I gave her my calling card. The flight we took was "red eye" so it was kinda scary because first, it's dark, and second, the wind and the rain were really bad. The good thing was, we all made it back home.

A few months have passed. I kept her calling card with me in my drawer. Then, I decided a week ago to finally email her to ask for my sketch. She told me that she emailed it already way way back. Maybe it got stuck into my spam so I wasn't able to get it. I'm not an expert when it comes to my emails.

Finally, I got it!

Many thanks to you, Julie! Best Regards!

Julie Rumsey
Julie Art Window Painting

American Museum of Natural History


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