Hindy Weber-Tantoco (Culte Femme)

I love Hindy's brand, Culte Femme. It used to be available at Rustan's in Makati. I'm such a huge fan of the brand. I remember, whatever is new, I just buy them. Why? Because I don't even have to think if it's nice or would look good on me or if it's classy and chic. All of them are just beautiful. I trust Hindy with her designs, in short. 

Hindy is now focused with Holy Carabao that's why Culte Femme is put on hold. But just recently, she's back at it agian. She recently launched her new clothing line, HINDY WEBER every.day and I just saw some of her designs online. Love them! Laid back and chic. Should find time to visit her shop.

I was so happy when she asked me to be one of her muses for this event at Members Only...

It was such an honor to be photographed by the famous Mark Nicdao...


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