I love everything with gata or fresh coconut milk with my vegetables. I'm sharing my very own version of Ginataang Langka with you guys. This recipe is Vegan so it's all vegetables... Plant-Based... I hope you will all love it and share this recipe with your friends. By the way, I don't really measure when I cook so you will just have to follow your heart and estimate everything. 😃


Unripe Jackfruit (pre-boiled in water and strained) Set aside...
Olive Oil
Red Bell Pepper
Spring Onions
Tanlad (Lemongrass) - tie it properly
Fresh Coconut Milk

* For the coconut milk, you need two extractions. For the first extraction, just add a little water then squeeze out its milk in a bowl. Strain the coconut milk then set aside. For the second extraction, add more water than the first one then squeeze out its milk in a bowl. Strain then set aside.

Boil in water...

Remove the water and strain. Set-aside.

Don't forget to slice the spring onions. They weren't sliced yet here in the photo. Prepare all the ingredients before you start.

Pouring the second extraction of coconut milk here...


In a pot, heat olive oil. Sauté garlic, onions, ginger and tanlad for 1 minute. Add langka and red bell pepper. Mix well for about 4 minutes. Add second extraction of coconut milk. Mix well again for about 4 minutes then add the spring onions. Season with salt. Do a taste test. Then, add the first extraction of coconut milk. Mix well for 1 minute then turn the heat off. Remove the tanlad before serving. Serve hot with white rice.

Mother's Day lunch at home...

Thank you, Dom! 💗 Loving my Mother's Day gift! ALO YOGA outfits... Door to door delivery from the US. So happy! Grateful...


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