VUTCHER Plant-Based Carinderia

It's amazing when you can still enjoy your favorite Filipino dishes even when you're Vegan. It's even better because after eating, you just feel light and happy. Try it so you'll know how it feels. 

Vutcher is a Plant-Based Carinderia. You can try their Vegan dishes every Sunday at The Good Food Sundays at Mandala Park from 10am to 5pm. It's along Shaw Boulevard.

 I asked Ross, the man behind Vutcher about the history of Vutcher. He said, he became Vegetarian in 2010. He was 16 years old back then. He felt a strong connection with animals after watching a documentary in YouTube called, Meet Your Meat. Then, he turned his back from all animal products. He went full Vegan last 2015.

According to him, he was so lucky that his parents supported him. His mom tirelessly veganized all of his favorite meat dishes. He also got to share his mom's cooking every time they have a potluck get together with the group, Manila Vegans. Because everyone loved every dish that he brought, he was urged to start a small food business.

Vutcher debuted on the first Sunday of February 2018. He said, it was an unforgettable year for him, his family, the vegan community and of course the animals.

Vutcher's food ranges from Php35 to Php150. Very reasonable prices for such delicious dishes cooked with love. Vutcher have veganized our favorite all time Filipino dishes like lechon paksiw, caldereta, bistek, mechado, sisig, sweet and sour, lumpiang shanghai, emapanadas and Vegan Bacon which is called Vacon. 

Vutcher's aim is to provide delicious yet affordable home-cooked meals to encourage more people to go Vegan.

If you ask me why Vutcher serves really good food? They're preparing their food as a family and it's cooked with love. 

This must be my son Dominic's favorite dish from Vutcher. It's Vegan Bacon called, Vacon! Sooo good! 

Vegan Estofado


Unpork Asado


Crispy Vacon

Lechon Paksiw

Fish with Coconut Milk

Paella Valenciana and Seafood Sweet and Sour


Pinoy Spaghetti

Crispy Chicken Skin and Lumpiang Shanghai

Best combination...

At Good Food Sundays in Mandala Park


Estofado and Dinuguan

Peach Mango 

Kung Pao Pasta with Shanghai Rolls and some Empanadas


If you love Crispy Chicken Skin, you should try this!

Chicken Skin

Photo credit: Vutcher

Photo credit: Vutcher


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