Universal Studios Hollywood

This was Dominic's first visit to Universal Studios in Hollywood. He had so much fun! He's very lucky at a young age, he's been to all the nice parks in America. 

Too bad he wasn't allowed to join dada in this Jurassic Park ride because there is a height restriction. But during our last trip, Elmer and him both did this ride. Well, I waited at the restaurant because it's really not my thing. Haha. They both respect it and don't force me. Thank God!

Studio tour... From the tv series, Desperate Housewives.

The psycho house looks so scary. Really.


Soaking wet after the Jurassic Park ride...

Studio tour from the movie of Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds.

With Maggie and Marge Simpson

Okay, so I did not join them for House of Horror. I'm scared! Hahaha

Oh, it's Bart Simpson!



Dora the Explorer

Gwapo ng driver namin... Haha


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