Farm Christmas Party

Big smiles are precious memories that I treasure forever. Look how simple things make them happy. Gikan sa among pamilya, dawata among dako na pasasalamat kaninyong tanan sa inyong maayong serbisyo. Hinaot namo nga nalipay kamo...

All photos taken by Jade Adaza.


Rubber Plantation

Rubber Tree

Cute kid! He got so tired running and playing games. He finished a bottle of Pepsi. I asked him who is he with. He was shy. Our staff told me, his father is the head guard at the farm so he is busy roving and he just let his son attend the Christmas party. 

Kanta sila ug Christmas songs na bisaya... Tradition ni.

Dong, ayaw ihulog ang itlog...

They always put me in-charge for welcome remarks. I'm shy but I couldn't say no. It's the least I could do. 



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