Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa Bohol

Eskaya Beach Resort is located in Bohol. I remember, from Cagayan de Oro, we took the boat to Cebu overnight so that we could take the fast craft to Bohol. But, that overnight boat trip to Cebu was something I will never forget. After that experience, we never again tried taking the boat. 

We booked the Presidential Suite. It was a big room with living room and all. But, the problem was their air conditioning was not working. Something went wrong with the boat. There was also a big rat in the living room. Windows cannot be opened. The whole vessel's air conditioning broke down so everyone stayed outside in the hallways where some people were sleeping on the floors with sheets and some on their chairs. We had no choice so we brought our sofa outside so that we could sleep. We were all sweating... 

Good thing, when we arrived in Bohol, Eskaya Resort was really nice. They opened like just weeks ago. It was so funny that when we checked-in, I think we were the only ones in the resort. Elmer was joking me that he booked the whole place just for us. During this time, not all villas were done yet. 

We had a good stay. It was so quiet and peaceful. Here are some photos from this trip.

By the beach...

What a nice view!

Villas are nice...

Outdoor shower and toilet

This must be Elmer's favorite picture of him and Dom. 

Relaxing night with only us and the waiters by the beach having a quiet dinner near the bonfire.



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