Dominic's First Anaheim Disneyland Trip

This was Dominic's first visit to Disneyland in California. He has always been a happy kid which made it a lot easier for me and Elmer to take care of him. He's always just having fun and living life to the fullest!

Cute picture with Winnie the Pooh

I wish I still kept this autograph book that we bought at Disneyland for the characters to sign. Maybe it's in the stock room at home.

I kept Sullivan from Monsters the movie. He's resting in the stock room with his friends. Hehe

Elmer is so sweet. Only Dom can make him do this. Haha
Waiting patiently for the parade to start. 

Mickey Mouse...

Best restaurant in Disneyland!

Favorite ride at Disneyland

It's hard to get a reservation here at Blue Bayou so if you plan to eat here, reserve in advance. I love it here. So romantic. It feels like you're in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Time to go home. With all the walking, laughing and running, this is what happens to kids. Then, you have to carry them all the way home. Too cute!


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