Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island is near Cagayan de Oro City. So, from CDO, you take a road trip to Balingoan for I think 2 hours. Then, take the RoRo to Camiguin Island. You can even bring your own car, take it with you on the RoRo so when you reach Camiguin, you'll have your own transportation to go around. 

I think this was Dominic's first Camiguin trip. During this time, I think there was only Paras Beach Resort. We got the biggest villa with 2 rooms and more beds in the living room. The whole villa can accommodate 10 persons, I guess. I think now they renovated the resort already.

Camiguin is famous for their white island, cold spring, hot spring, pastel and so many more!

White Island... The sand  is super white!

Paras Beach Resort
This was our villa. Hehe

Cute Dom! So small!

Non-vegan days... People sell fish here and they can cook it for you.

They love the beach! This is what they always do. Go with the flow of the waves. I just watch them. Haha


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