VEGAN Monggo Soup

I used fresh coconut milk for this...

I used water for this... I like the taste of the one with fresh coconut milk better.

I love Monggo soup because it reminds me of my childhood days. Here in the Philippines, I think all households serve this dish to their families. It's healthy, yummy and affordable. This meal only costs around Php100 and can feed around 8 to 10 persons.

This is my favorite version of Monggo soup. I use water most of the time for the soup but when I have fresh coconut milk, I like it better. It depends on what you like better.

I'm Vegan so I don't add pork or fish for this recipe.

Prepare all ingredients first before starting. Lower right is my garbage bowl. I learned using a garbage bowl from Celebrity Chef, Rachael Ray.


Olive oil
Red Bell Pepper
Lemongrass (Tanlad)
Spring Onions (Sibuyas Dahon)
Moringa (Malunggay)
Mung Beans (Monggo)
Water or Coconut Milk (just choose one)

* If using coconut milk, you need two extractions. For the first extraction, just add a little water then squeeze out its milk in a bowl. Strain the coconut milk then set aside. For the second extraction, add more water than the first one then squeeze out its milk in a bowl. Strain then set aside.

* For the mung beans, wash properly. Bring mung beans and water to a boil in a pot. Cook until soft. Set aside.


In a cooking pot, heat olive oil. Sauté garlic, onions, ginger, red bell pepper and tanlad. Add softened monggo. Mix well. Add water or coconut milk (second extraction). Season with salt. Bring to boil. Add malunggay and spring onions. Mix well. Add coconut milk (first extraction) if you used coconut milk instead of water. Remove tanlad before serving (optional). Serve hot with white rice.

Fresh from my garden...


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