Your Favorite Filipino Dishes Made Vegan By The Good Choices

"Make Filipino plantbased specialty food accessible, appealing, and convenient for health, sustainability, consciousness." - The Good Choices

Photo credit: The Good Choices

I love this photo! It's just so perfect and good vibes! Filipino dishes made cruelty free...

Who says you can't enjoy your favorite Filipino dishes when you go Vegan? The Good Choices will make sure you will never miss them all.  I love all their products! 

I can't wait to host a party at home where I will be serving all Vegan dishes to be catered by the likes of The Good Choices. 

My favorites are their vacuum packed products because I get to bring them to Cagayan de Oro City and stock them in the freezer. My favorites are their Tocino, Longganisa, Tapa, Embutido, Tofu Scramble... Okay wait, all of them. There's the Sisig, Lumpiang Shanghai, Lentil Burger and all.

Photo credit: The Good Choices

This is what they usually sell at Legazpi Sunday Market during Sundays.

Photo credit: The Good Choices

My number 1 favorite is their Longganisa! Soooo good with hot white rice and suka as my sawsawan.

I usually go to the park early in the morning and buy some take out food from The Good Choices and eat them at home. At Legazpi Market in Makati during Sundays, they serve their Filipino breakfast like Tocino, Tapa, Longganisa, Embutido and Tofu Scramble. So if you want to try them, it's from 7am to 2pm.


Below are what they serve at The Good Food Sundays at Mandala Park in Mandaluyong City. All of them sell Vegan dishes. They have different menus every Sunday.

Cordon Bleu

Mac n' Cheese

They have the best Inihaw na Liempo!!!

Isaw and Chicken Satay

Eggplant Moussaka

Embutido, Green Beans and Gravy

Beef Stroganoff - meat free

Binagoongang di Baboy

Binagoongang di Baboy, Isaw and Pork BBQ
All meat-free =)


Photo credit: The Good Choices

Pinakbet - Gata - Lechon Kawali
I haven't tried this yet but I can't wait to try! 

Photo credit: The Good Choices

Fish free bagoong! 

You can order The Good Choices products at their Facebook and Instagram accounts and what's nice is that they deliver with a minimal delivery fee.

Mobile number - +63 998 8558991

The Good Choices Story

It was 2016, and our founder Camille Acosta was going around a grocery store looking for breakfast for her family. They are all vegetarian. Camille spent the next hour searching for easy to prepare plant-based food her husband and toddlers will like. There was none.

Camille came up with the idea of making ready-to-cook, plantbased food perfect for people like her struggling to make better food choices. She made her first batch of Tapa, Tocino, and Logganisa in her home kitchen and The Good Choices was born.

The original plan was to make plantbased specialty food accessible, appealing, and convenient for people with diet preferences and restrictions due to faith, belief, or circumstance. It has since evolved to making the food and distributing it to as many people as possible while championing Filipino culinary arts and values.

“Plantbased food is paramount to a healthier, more sustainable, conscious world.”

The Good Choices Vision

Having identified that consuming plant-based food is paramount to a healthier, more sustainable, conscious world, we work to make The Good Choices the country’s top manufacturer and distributor of Filipino plant-based specialty food products.

The Good Choices are meat alternatives made from animal-free, soy-based ingredients. Our products are naturally high in protein and fiber, low in fat and cholesterol, and are appealing particularly to Filipino taste. All of our products take as little as 20 minutes to cook and may be used in place of meat in recipes. They also last up to six months frozen.

We put a lot of focus on making The Good Choices accessible and convenient, hence our online ordering system, nationwide delivery service, and network of partner stores and establishments. The Good Choices is also visible in weekend markets and bazaars throughout Metro Manila.

Introducing plant-based meat alternatives to the mainstream market is just the beginning. The ultimate goal is to inspire lifestyle change by making people realize that they can choose to make better food choices every day. The Good Choices is here to make it easier for all of us.


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