My first time to see snow... So, how could I forget Switzerland? Snow covered mountain tops...
It was so cold. I remember, I drank Milo and burned my tongue without realizing it. It was that cold. I was wearing my Havaianas so Elmer had to get my boots. Matigas daw kasi ang ulo ko sabi ni Elmer. Haha.

Swiss Alps

This was in Lucerne. Chocolate shopping was fun! Elmer hand carried that box of chocolates so they wouldn't melt. 

Lake Lucerne Cruise

The Lion Monument in Lucerne is a giant dying lion. It was designed as a memorial for the soldiers who lost their lives serving the French King Louis XVI during the French Revolution.

My friend Joyce whom I met from the tour.


The lady asked, "Where are you from?" Of course Elmer proudly answered, "The Philippines"!

Yodeling! =) The lady picked some people from the crowd and Elmer was one of them. Haha =)

The Rhine Falls is the largest waterfalls in Switzerland and Europe.


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