Liechtenstein and Austria

Tyrolean Evening - Spent the evening at Innsbruck and enjoyed their traditional entertainment, featuring dancers in national costume, yodeling and entertainment typical of the life, crafts and traditions of the Tyrolean people.

Such a romantic and fun night of singing and drinking hot chocolate!

Carriage ride on our way to dinner.

Too much singing and dancing! Look at Elmer laughing so hard.

With new friends from the tour.

While most of them were drinking wine, I'd stick to hot chocolate. Haha. It was one of the best hot chocolates I have ever tried.

Fun night! Something you do not experience everyday.

Thanks to this guy for our fun night. He drove the carriage, took our orders together with his wife, served us food, danced and sang for us. All around!

Freezing cold. 


When Juicy Couture velour was the best thing to wear.

Olympic Ski Jump

Shopping Swarovski at Liechtenstein. It was the biggest Swarovski shop I have ever visited.


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