Hong Kong

Super throwback photos... 

Dominic was still so small here. I think this was our first Hong Kong Disneyland trip. I remember loving it so much because the lines were not so long and it was very cold. Elmer, Dom and I love Disneyland! Even now that Dominic is already a grown up, he still insists on going to Disneyland. 

Sharing with you all some happy memories from this trip.

I remember that this was Dominic's favorite red shirt that Elmer and I bought from Monaco. I wish I kept this shirt. I think I gave this away already.

Mini Elmer
The Peninsula Hong Kong makes their hotel kid-friendly with matching slippers and robe.

This was the old room of The Peninsula Hong Kong when they did not renovate it yet. I remember this Havaianas flip-flops that I was wearing. It's covered with Swarovski crystals. I have black and brown. 

Afternoon tea

Look how happy Dom was...

So happy...

Dominic took this photo...


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