FRANCE (Lourdes, Grottes de Betharram and Bordeaux)

Lourdes is a town located in Southwestern France. One of the most popular places for pilgrimage. Millions of people visit the Grotto where the Virgin Mary said to have appeared to a local woman. In the grotto, you can drink or bathe in those holy water flowing from the spring.

I remember, we stayed at this small hotel. You know, one thing I regret during our trip to Europe was I wasn't able to take photos of our hotel rooms. All of them had stories of their own. Each room has a story to tell. 

Since I don't have photos to share, let me just describe it to you. Our room was big and dark as if it was during the old times. Honestly, I wasn't able to sleep well because I'm more of the big kind of hotels type of a person where everything is bright. Hehe. The bathroom was something. I remember it had white and pink tiles with flower design all over. The bathtub was like in one corner which was kinda scary. 

Okay, going back to the Grotto. It was so quiet and peaceful. The lines were long and people were praying quietly. People came from different parts of the world, young and old. Some in their wheelchairs praying maybe for health. Faith is such an amazing feeling that could make miracles.

Such a good experience to visit this place with Elmer. 

We brought home some holy water that we got here.

We visited Grottes de Betharram as a side trip from Lourdes. It's a series of French caves.

Grottes de Betharram

World-famous vineyards of Bordeaux

Stop-over on the way to Paris

Somewhere in France. Having some serious conversation here...


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