Belgium and The Netherlands

Time flies so fast. These photos were taken back in September 2007, I think. 
Because we visited so many countries and tourist spots in a month, it was already hard to remember all the names of the places we have visited. 

Here are some photos from Amsterdam's windmills that we visited. It was so windy and cold. I remember, I wasn't a sneakers type of person back then so my trench coat was always paired with Havaianas flip-flops because I love wearing dresses and it goes well with slippers. So, I just wore the trench coat when it got really cold. Elmer kept on laughing at me whenever I started complaining about how cold my feet were. Then he said, "Matigas kasi ulo mo." Haha

We also visited the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Too bad, photos were not allowed according to our tour guide. It was an experience, though. 

Amsterdam's Windmill


Charming and traditional fishing village. It's like being in a movie. It's nice to take a stroll and see some authentic houses.

Fishing Village

A very relaxing dinner at this restaurant called, Cathrien. 

I remember the place was quite gloomy but relaxing. It was cold and quiet. 

I love stop overs. I think this was in Belgium. Stop overs mean, get to pee. Haha. And, buy food and stretch your legs. One thing I loved about their gasoline stations were the food. So many healthy options to choose from. Fruits that are ready to eat in bite sizes are my favorites.

Jewelry shopping...

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Sailors' Quarters in Amsterdam


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