Barangay Iponan - Suman and Salucara Festival 2017

Suman is a rice cake. It originated in the Philippines. But, in Barangay Iponan, they make it extra special. They celebrate their Suman Festival. I think there were 30 or more participants/booths that joined the contest. Different kinds of Suman. From the classic taste, pizza suman, mango float suman, chocolate suman and so on.

While Salucara is like a bibingka pancake style of kakanin. It's also so good especially when it's hot. 

I miss Barangay Iponan in Cagayan de Oro City! Did you know that Iponan has the most activities among all the barangays? Yes... Thanks to their Barangay officials and the Iponanons. Everybody really participates which is really good because if you visit Iponan, it's very homey. 

My friend, Kapitan Gaga Brilleta and his barangay councilors are all very active. I remember I overheard one of the participants said that Kap. Gaga is frustrated when the residents are not participating. And, I remember saying to them in bisaya, that they should all participate because what Kap. Gaga is doing is very nice for Barangay Iponan in getting the people together with these activities and that Iponan is already known for their festivals like the suman festival and humba festival just to name a few. So, they should all support one another because it's all for them.

Thank you so much my dear Iponanons for the happy memories. Hope to see you all again soon!

Bring home Suman and Salucara... So good!


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