Happy Holidays 2018

Happy Holidays everyone! =) 

Christmas is my favorite time of the year because I can really feel the happy vibes of everyone. I'm so weird because when the people are happy, I feel them. That's the reason why I love Sundays, too, because everyone is just having fun, relaxed and spending time with their loved ones. I can feel them. Weird, but true.

I love the Christmas rush wherein the malls close at midnight, gift wrapping is fun, shopping for presents, so many food, the decorations are so festive, Christmas songs are playing everywhere, lights are all over and so on...

All my life, I've been spending Christmas in Cagayan de Oro City. It was just once that I didn't get to because I was in Las Vegas with Elmer. I really wanted to try something new ever since before but when everyone forces me to spend Christmas the way they want me to, then I just gave in and made them all happy at my expense. But, this year, ...that changed. I have decided to spend it here in my happy place next to Beverly Hills. Hehehe. They got sad, disappointed and all but I am happy so that's all that matters. Elmer, Dominic and I had the best Christmas ever. I'll just host a party when I go to back to Cagayan... a belated Christmas dinner maybe.

We had too much food to eat. I made sure I stocked up. We watched a lot of Christmas movies at Netflix. It was relaxing, simple and happy. =)

Christmas card 2018

I got this small Christmas tree at Crate and Barrel and a few cute balls and twinkling lights to decorate the tree. I did not even think about getting a big tree here because my girls are not here to help me keep them after the holiday season. They're all in my house in Cagayan. So, I decided to just buy a small one just to make sure it's feeling Christmasy here.

Below are some of the movies we watched that I loved. All at Netflix...


Below are throwback photos...

Christmas 2017 at our house in Cagayan de Oro

I love Tablea!

Last year, we had Christmas dinner at our house and I was too lazy to prepare so I decided to let MESA restaurant cater our dinner. 

We love doing movie nights at home. My favorite Andrea Bocelli singing Christmas songs...

Christmas 2014 

Love this!

December 2017

December 2016

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2016


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