California LOVE

Wow... Time flies so fast. This was my first trip to the land of the free... USA. My parents wasn't really into traveling so when I met Elmer, he kind of influenced me to travel and enjoy life. Haha. At first, I was like, ...ah like next week? I plan things ahead of time but Elmer, is the kind of traveler whom when he says, we're leaving next week, then you're really leaving. And when I start with my, ...ah can we plan it first or maybe this and that and sometimes I get indecisive, it's good that Elmer is very decisive, so the only words that I need to hear from him to remove my travel jitters are... You're coming with me. You don't have a choice. I'm like, okay good. Haha.

This trip to LA was when I realized and felt that Beverly Hills is my happy place. There's spark and all. You'll know the feeling when you feel like you belong or when you just feel so much love with the place. Effortless feeling.

Rodeo Baby

At The Beverly Hills Hotel or famously called The Pink Palace

When Juicy Couture velour and UGG boots were so in. Haha


Mr. Chow is a high-end Chinese restaurant located at North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills. They serve really good food here. Had lunch here with Elmer.

KOI Restaurant serves Japanese food. Located at La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood

When I wasn't Vegan yet. In-N-Out Burger!!!

I love this Culte Femme top by my friend and designer, Hindy Weber-Tantoco. Had to post it! What's with the shoes? Hmmm... When my 7 For All Mankind jeans still fits...Haha 

Universal Studios

Lunch date with Elmer at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. Yup, non Vegan days.


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