Cosmic - Vegetarian, Vegan Cafe & Bistro

Today is Elmer and my 17th year anniversary! 💕Yay! 

Since Elmer is busy and had to leave after lunch for a senatorial debate, we decided to try COSMIC delivery for the first time. I tried their Bagnet before at Veg Fest but that was it.

We called them and texted them our order. Good thing Lalamove (thanks kuya) delivered our early lunch fast and hassle-free. The best thing was, when the food arrived, they were still hot. 

Here are some of the dishes that we ordered and believe me, all of them were so good. 

All vegan... 


Sisig with Bagnet --- (Seitan, Tofu, Chilis)


Pancit "Habhab" Lucban with Bagnet --- (Habhab Noodles, Sayote, Petchay, Crispy Bagnet)

Vegan Spinach Lasagna --- (Marinara, Vegan Bechamel, Spinach, Faux Bacon Bits, Olive Oil)

Kare - Kare with Bagnet --- (Peanut Sauce, Eggplant, Petchay, Sitaw)

Vegan Leche Flan


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