World-Class Japanese Cuisine at Makati Shangri-La’s INAGIKU

Matcha Ice Cream

When we were still based in Makati City, Philippines, we used to eat here a lot. I remember my son, Dominic who was still a little boy at that time. So, weeks ago when we were in Manila, we decided to eat here again. I asked Dominic if he could still remember dining here before, he said no. He only remembers Shang Palace and Circles. Hehehe so cute!

My family loves to eat good food. I am so happy that my son appreciates good food too. My boys know how to eat. Well trained, I should say.

Here at INAGIKU, they serve authentic Japanese cuisine. It’s located at the 2nd floor of Makati Shanri-La Hotel.  I love the restaurant’s ambiance especially during the evening because it’s so cozy and relaxing. They not only serve good but the service is also great.

I love to eat and people ask me why I don’t gain weight. Here’s the reason why… Because I only eat bite sized food. Like 2 pieces of sushi, 5 spoons of rice, a taste of this and that but when it comes to the dessert part, I finish the whole thing. But because I eat little by little, I get hungry every hour. I also exercise using my treadmill so I burn those fats right away. And if I don’t love it, I don’t swallow it. I find it wasteful. I mean, you only eat what makes your taste buds happy. The secret is that you also get in touch with your food. Feel it, taste it before you swallow it then you get satisfied. So you only have to eat a little…

So this is one reason why I love to eat Japanese food because most of them come in small servings. Perfect for me. And, I love Green Tea ice cream. =)


IMG_4973Elmer and Dominic’s favorite Sushi – Tekka Maki

IMG_4974This is my favorite, California Maki.

Elmer & Michelle

IMG_4985Japanese Fried Rice and Salmon…

IMG_4986Vegetable Tempura is love. I like this better than the Ebi (Shrimp) Tempura


IMG_4948Elmer and Dominic =)


IMG_4987Chicken Teriyaki

IMG_4990 I love Green Tea Ice Cream and this is good! Perfect way to end a meal…


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