VEGAN Burger RECIPE =) Made with Banana Blossoms… NO MEAT!!!

I am running out of Vegan recipes these days. So, I did some research and experimented with new dishes to cook and serve to the family. Honestly, when we started going Vegan, we now prefer eating at home. The food we prepare at home is always fresh and clean. Thank God, I love cooking! I remember Elmer told me before, I wouldn’t have married you if you hated cooking. Hahaha

We love burgers! But, we can’t stand eating beef anymore. So today, I tried this burger made with Banana Blossoms or Puso ng Saging. Sooo good!



Banana Blossoms
Garlic, minced
Red onions, minced
Himalayan pink salt
Black pepper
All purpose flour
Olive oil


See photos for directions…


Peel and discard the outer, fibrous skin layers of the banana blossom until you reach the lighter, softer core. Trim off the stem and discard. Remove the hard stem inside the flowers. Cut banana core into half and slice thinly. Boil water. When boiling, add banana blossom. Use fork to check when it’s already cooked.


Remove from boiling water. Chop thinly the banana blossoms.

Strain the remaining liquid from the banana blossoms.

In a bowl, put banana blossoms. Add garlic, onions, salt, pepper and all purpose flour. Mix well. Add a little water.

In a non stick skillet, heat olive oil. Fry the burger patties until brown.

Serve hot and crispy on the outside with white rice and banana ketchup.

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