Saturday Vibe

Hello friends! It’s been a long time since the last time that I blogged. I got so busy lately… But tonight, I am inspired to write something about how my day went. So, I’m sharing my Saturday vibe.

For weeks, I’ve been craving to eat Binignit. This morning, I asked my House Manager, Jasmin, together with his driver and bodyguard… HAHAHA (Yes, sosyalan pud siya oi! Asa pa man diay mo liwat?), went to the market to buy some ingredients so that she could cook Binignit for me.

Patiently waiting for Jasmin, who’s still at the shower, because she came from the market and according to her, it was dirty and smelly there. Hehehe.. It’s my rest day so I’m not cooking.

We don’t usually go down on Saturdays because we love staying at our rooms or we call it our mini condo upstairs. But today, we made an exception. Something different. It was fun! Good vibes! I really appreciate how these two make it a point to spend time with me and join me in the kitchen all the time.

Dominic helping out… No gadgets for him this morning! =)

Saging na saba, lutya, gabi, kamote and ube… Sayang, they weren’t able to buy the orange kamote that I really love.

After enjoying my Binignit, it was time for me to burn it. My favorite exercise, a walk on my treadmill. I’m using Life Fitness! I walk for only 30 minutes on weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays are my rest days but today, I made an exception because I ate too much. And whenever I exercise, I feel happier.

Had an early dinner at Red Tail… Sooo good their Shrimps here and Fisherman’s Catch (mix of crabs, tahong, squid, shrimps and corn) with Red Tail sauce and non-spicy. Their Stuffed Crabs is also good.

Went to Starbucks at SM CDO Downtown Premier for some tea but something went wrong with their water supply so I just ended up shopping at Uniqlo. Bought this nice high-waisted jeans. Love the color and fit! I love wearing high-waisted jeans because I feel like it holds everything together and makes me look thinner. Haha

We decided to just have coffee at home…

While having coffee at our kitchen, we watched this interesting biography at Discovery Asia channel. Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorized Biography… I love watching these kinds of documentaries because I always learn a lot. According to them, he is the living God in North Korea… Hmmm…

Took a hot bath… And continued to watch this…

China’s Emperor of Evil. Emperor Wu is China’s only female Emperor. The only woman who called herself an “Emperor”. According to the narrator, this was the best line to describe her, “In a man’s world, we do not need a man to lead it.”

Then, we watched Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of Isis. Now watching, Situation Critical.. It’s about the Al Qaeda ambush. Both at National Geographic channel.

What a fun and perfect day! Thank you, God!

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