My very own Mango Float… Get this super easy and yummy recipe!

Mango Float made with Love =)


One of my favorite fruits is Mango. Lucky me, I live in the Philippines where Mangoes are very abundant and the mangoes here in the province are always sweet. It’s seldom that you get to buy the bad ones. At our backyard, we have a giant Mango tree.

I love to make them into Mango Float. It’s a very refreshing dessert. My husband and son love it so much. They always request that I make this.

Sharing with you guys my own version of Mango Float. It’s a super easy recipe that I’m sure you will all love…


IMG_6962Graham Crackers, 1 pack Graham Crackers Crushed, 2 packs All Purpose Cream, 1 can Condensed Milk and 4 Mangoes

Note: I am using the small Pyrex so if you’re using the bigger one, you can add more ingredients. You can double it.


IMG_6963Line the Graham Crackers on the bottom of the Pyrex.

IMG_6964Rachel, my cook, is preparing the Mangoes. Slicing them thinly.

IMG_6966In a mixer or bowl, mix together the All Purpose Cream and Condensed Milk.

IMG_6967This is how it will look like…

FullSizeRenderGraham Crackers first then the All Purpose Cream and Condensed Milk mixture.

IMG_6970Line the Mangoes…

IMG_6972Crushed Graham Crackers next… And then repeat until you reach the top of the Pyrex.

IMG_6973Done. I put mine inside the freezer because I want my Mango Float kinda frozen. It tastes better than melting or soft Mango Float. Hehe. I put it in the freezer overnight.



IMG_6978Don’t forget to cover your Pyrex with a Cling Wrap first then cover it with Aluminum Foil before putting it inside the freezer.

IMG_7015Time to enjoy it! I usually wait for a minute or two before eating it. Just so it won’t be too hard to slice. Soooo good!

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