Miss Canitoan 2017 – Coronation Night

Miss Canitoan 2017 was last February 24, 2017… Super late post as I got so busy lately. Hehe =)

Canitoan is one of the Barangays of the 1st District of Cagayan de Oro City. It’s actually near where I live… Just minutes away.

Thank you so much Barangay Canitoan for inviting me to be one of the judges! Thank you, Barangay Chairman Joshua for being so nice!

Thank you also to my good friend, Barangay Chairman Bingo Ebabacol… =)

The crowd was huge, they were so happy and full of smiles!

Congratulations to all the winners! =)


With Kapitan Joshua of Canitoan…

With the Director of the show, Kapitan Bingo Ebabacol…

With my fellow judges… Kagawad Wawit Mediana, Jiggs Ebabacol and Contractor Lizabel Benito.

With Kagawad Wawit Mediana… Nag glasses mi para sure gyud maka kita! Haha =)

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