Belo Beautiful Day

Always take care of your skin before it’s too late. Prevention is always better. I never fail to make an appointment to have my facial whenever I’m in Manila.

My favorite treatments at Belo Greenbelt are..

Honey Almond Facial – This is good for dry skin.

Power Peel –  I love this because it helps remove dead skin cells, prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Also gives me a pinkish glow after.

Laser Hair Removal – I don’t have hair on my armpits anymore. Super love this! They also used laser to remove some of my warts and it’s fast! It’s like 2 seconds per wart..

Those are my favorite treatments at Belo. I still prefer that a person looks natural and just enhance your beauty with non-invasive procedures. Because when you do it too much, it won’t look good anymore.

Be beautiful, my friends!

Make an effort to look good not for others but for yourself. 



Say hi to Napsa. She’s been doing my facial for like 10 years already.







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